4 practical dimensions for expansive self-care daily.

Self-care is a very intimate process when it comes to some dimensions which we feel unable to speak of and show to others. The 4 practical dimensions given in this article provide a quick and clear guide on how to achieve expansive self-care on daily basis. None of the dimensions are exclusive to each other yet they can be expressed quite differently. All dimensions inter-connect and inter-effect each other.

There are 4 dimensions consisting of the familiar names we listen to so consistently. Let us find out what each dimension has to uniquely offer us.

Physical dimension

It consists of everything related to the physical body and its functioning mechanisms. Maintaining the body in a consistent healthy state is a combination of well-thought art and science. Some ways to take care of the physical dimension of this body:

  • Listen to the body when it feels uneasy and take steps to love and honor it.
  • Allow the body to engage in movement (yoga, running, etc.) regularly so that you remain inflow. Dexotify and purify the body.
  • Develop one rhythm pattern for the body when it feels best at health. Expand it regularly.

Mental dimension

The mental dimension consists of thoughts, intellect, and perceptions. So if there is any disturbance or distortion in any of these fields they can easily affect our health adversely. Some of the ways in which you can take care of your mental dimension are here:

    • Acknowledge what thoughts come and go in your mind.
    • Regulate the sensory stimulus with meditative practices.
    • Develop a positive self-image. Visualize it more.
    • Censor the self-sabotaging self-talks.
    • Filter out the negativity from outside.

    Emotional dimension

    Your emotional dimension consists of your feelings, containing everything from desires to fears. This is one of the strongest dimensions of all as anything that is caught at this stage can be easily controlled here before contaminating other dimensions. You can control your reality by controlling this dimension expertly. Some of the ways you can take control of your emotional dimension are:

      • Allow the feelings to come and go.
      • Do not allow the negative emotions to stagnate and settle down.
      • Develop self-preserving healthy boundaries.
      • Feel exhilaration for manifesting i.e. vibe high.
      • Be clear about your emotions, desires, and fears.

      Spiritual dimension

      This spiritual dimension is usually the least taken care of. It exists so subtly in our life that sometimes we tend to forget that we are spiritual beings experiencing a physical reality. This dimension includes all our soul divination codes, past life memories, and our connection with the spirit. This dimension is revolutionary as we experience the initial stages of evolution through this dimension only. We must work on this dimension consistently when all other dimensions are blocked. Some of the ways wherein you can take care of your spiritual dimension are:

          • Do shadow work. Bring the unhealed and hidden out to heal.
          • Have at least one form of consistent spiritual practice in your life.
          • Do not get attached to psychic gifts as they come and go.
          • Become more spiritual high by a healthy combination of inner work in all other dimensions.

          I can never assert enough how important it is to take care of ourselves in current times. We have never ever experienced this mass state of dis-ease in our lives before. Perfect health has become such an alienated concept for so many that they don’teven consider any other dimensions other than the physical one. It is time to wake up from this mass hypnosis. All dimensions need equal work and love. Hopefully, you give them so!

          Originally published March 21, 2022

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