6 innovative tools for connecting with your creativity.

Being creative is somewhat child-like. When you’re in flow, creativity comes naturally to you. You can not talk yourself into creativity. But, trick? Yes, absolutely. You can always trick your mind and body into feeling and thinking anything you like. So here are 6 helpful tips that you can use for connecting with your creativity.

Back up creativity with discipline

  • You can not expect to be a master at a craft when you are only doing it once or twice a year. There has to be a consistent process.
  • Discipline serves as the pillar for creativity. While you experiment and fly with your creativity, discipline gives you stable support and something to fall back into. Without it, you can end up feeling overwhelmed and drained.
  • First, make the rules and then break them creatively. Isn’t what creativity offers you? Freedom and courage.
  • Journal, plan, or prepare your work time, area, and cost before you jump fully into this. Sometimes, an unprepared mind tends to get guilty pleasure after it which you won’t want, believe me. Hit for the long term.

Connect with your inner child

  • Your inner child knows the best about you. It can always guide you in making a life perspective about you and your surroundings, depending on your experiences.
  • You’ll always create ‘art’ even with a scared inner child. In that case, creative expression becomes a safe space for it. So, try to give some sort of safe space to yourself where you can find solitude and connect with your innermost nature.
  • Clear your subconscious mind to establish more connectivity with your inner child.

Embody creativity

  • A lot of creative energy is stuck in your body because of a lack of movement, expression, daily stress, and distractions. Which is your case here? Find out and work on releasing this extra energy.
  • Connecting with creativity is like flowing water. Stagnant – it is as good as nothing. Flowing – it becomes regenerative, expansive, and evolutionary.
  • Embody this creativity freely, every day. Be consistent even if it sucks in the starting. You need to allow the momentum to keep building until your time comes.

Details in playfulness

  • Surrender to your authentic nature. The self where you feel the most comfortable. Lesser the layers, the lesser the thoughts, more feeling and sense of presence.
  • Laugh, like really. Allow your eyes to tear up in joy, wonder, and release that your energy body is creating that very moment.
  • Play like a child. Go out. Run, fall, cry, and get dirty. Nothing else matters at this moment. Focus and attention become natural in you. Become accustomed to this feeling of playfulness and slowly start applying this in your creative outlet.

Ignore Creative block

  • When you feel a creative block, try not to fight it. Simply keep on writing or drawing, whatever your art form is, and a moment will automatically come when you will clear this block.
  • Before starting your work, set a ritual that helps you in getting in a natural alpha state.
  • Follow 50+10 or 30+5 mins work+break routine. The mind needs rest too along with the body.
  • Take notes whenever a divergent form of free-flow happens i.e. when you get random brilliant ideas while cooking, walking, bathing, or so on.
  • Work with your crown chakra that helps in unblocking more of the inspiration and expansion side of your mind.

Find your style

  • Creativity always seems to elude us when we try to imitate someone else. We are trying to be someone else. So, naturally, it is not your style. And, anything which is not yours, born from your ideas and experiences will not have your energy and style to it.
  • There is always a distance and gap between your style and others’. If you don’t create your own then you’ll keep on trying to fill that gap. This can lead to dissatisfaction.
  • Your style comes with experience. It is a mixture of your awkward work, failures, successes, averages, and definitely, the originals. Your style develops as you go on with it consistently, and refine it every day.
  • Find a positive self-image and that often comes with thorough introspections. Start here with finding the top 10 cognitive distortions that make you remain stuck in a limited mindset.

For now, that is all. Don’t forget to read through other tools and resources according to your needs and interests. Connecting with your creativity is an everyday process so stay persistent with it. Stay well. And, stay child-like.

Originally published 16 March 2022.

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