Tarot & Oracle Readings

By Shweta Chopra Arora

How will Tarot and Oracle Readings help you?

Insight and Guidance

Receive valuable insights and guidance about various aspects of your life, including relationships, career, and personal growth.

Clarity and Understanding

Gain clarity and a deeper understanding of your current situation, helping you make informed decisions and navigate challenges.

Empowerment and Self-Reflection

Tap into your intuition and inner wisdom through the cards to empower yourself. Use the readings for self-reflection and personal growth.

Validation and Confirmation

Receive validation and confirmation of your own thoughts and feelings, helping you trust your instincts and intuition.

Healing and Transformation

Experience healing and transformation with the guidance of the cards, supporting your personal and spiritual growth journey.

Connection and Intuition

Deepen your connection with your own intuition and higher self, allowing you to tap into your inner wisdom and guidance.

The Journey of Soul

The journey of the soul through tarot is a profound and transformative experience that empowers one to embrace their authenticity and live a life aligned with their highest truth. Each card represents a different aspect of the human experience, providing wisdom and clarity to navigate the complexities of existence. Through this journey, one gains insight and self-discovery, unlocking their true potential and purpose. The encounter with various archetypes and symbols mirrors one's own life experience, making the journey through tarot an enlightening and inspiring exploration of the self and the spiritual realm.

3 ways you can book your session.

Ask 5 Questions

INR 1000

  • Answers on Text
  • Clear, short answers
  • 15 minutes 

25 minutes

INR 2500

  • Video Call
  • Call audio recording Shared
  • Flat 250 off on future booking

45 minutes

INR 4500

  • Video Call
  • Call audio recording shared
  • Flat 500 off on future booking

What to do after booking your Reading?

1. Check your mail and Siazmi dashboard for the confirmation of the booking. 
2. The scheduled session link will be shared with you through mail and directly on WhatsApp/Instagram if you have shared your number 1 week before the reading. In case of text, the chat will be done directly through WhatsApp. 
3. Put the shared link, date and time data in your calendar and ensure you keep the assigned time free to show up for the session.

Frequently asked questions

What is the wait time for getting your reading?

There is a waiting time of generally 10-15 days. 

What type of questions can I ask?

Any questions that will help you navigate your personal, professional and spiritual life efficiently, except death, birth, stock, and gender predictions.

Do readings include remedies?

No external rituals will be advised as a remedy. Self-reflection, meditation and mantra practices will be shared as per the client's needs.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your session within 7 days of the booking date by contacting my team and refunds will be initiated within 1 week of cancellation. 

What if I forgot to attend the session?

It is your responsibility to save the date and show up for the session. If you do not join the session within 5 minutes after start, it will be considered as No Show and no refunds/reschedules will be done.

What should I expect from the session?

Come with more faith and surrender in the session. The more open to communication you are, the more free-flowing and expansive your reading will be.