Thriving roots

Self Healing & Development Program designed to work on your Root Chakra to clear safety, and stability-related blocks in your life & attract abundance by being powerful in your roots.

NEXT BATCH DATES: 21 - 25 December,23 | 6 - 7:30 pm

Energy Exchange: INR 1199/- ($15) only.

As we know, the Root chakra is the foundation of our being; a symbol of our 'physical life'. The quality of your spiritual life & evolution also depends heavily on the alignment of the Root Chakra because this is where Kundalini sleeps & is where Life first comes into being.

Root chakra humbly reminds us that there is no spirituality without physicality first.

When our Root chakra is balanced & activated, our consciousness takes safer leaps toward our highest life path & accelerates our spiritual evolution by making us thrive physically first.

How well grounded & activated your Root Chakra is? Find out in this Program >>>

To give you a basic understanding of the Root chakra, it is the foundation of the entire chakra system and is responsible for our sense of stability, security, connection to the physical world, and our ability to manifest our needs and desires. Emotionally, this chakra is related to our basic survival instincts, feeling grounded, and a sense of belonging.

When imbalanced, it may result in physical symptoms including lower back pain, low energy levels, constipation, knee or foot issues, and problems with the immune system. Emotionally, it can lead to feelings of insecurity, fear, anxiety, restlessness, and a lack of trust. 

If you are struggling to ‘finance your existence,’ and to make ends meet, have low energy, leg, hip, feet, and spinal problems, feel alone, and crave to find your ‘home’ in the world, then your base chakra is not working properly. Join Thriving Roots to work on your Root Chakra now.

Program outline:

DAY 1 - Introduction and Foundation
  • Root Chakra, Healing & Evolution Masterclass
  • Muladhara Kriya Introduction & Practice
  • Muladhara Sadhana Introduction & Practice
  • Bonus: Group Reiki Healing Session for Root Chakra
DAY 2 - Grounding and Stability
  • Grounding & Balancing Hatha Yoga Practice
  • Muladhara Kriya Practice
  • Muladhara Sadhana Practice
  • Bonus: Guided Grounding Meditation
DAY 3 - Emotional Healing and Safety
  • Hip-opening Yin Yoga
  • Muladhara Kriya Practice
  • Muladhara Sadhana Practice
  • Bonus: Healing Meditation for Safety: Releasing fears and cultivating a sense of emotional security.
DAY 4 - Manifestation and Abundance
  • Prithvi Namaskar (Earth Salutation) Practice
  • Muladhara Kriya Practice
  • Muladhara Sadhana Practice
  • Bonus: Manifestation Meditation
DAY 5 - Integration and Balance
  • Full Muladhara Kriya & Sadhana Sequence Practice
  • Schedule for 2 months
  • Mentorship Program Offer
  • Q/A Session
  • Bonus: Group Hypnotherapy Session: Integration and self-reflection to solidify the healing journey.


Hi, I am Shweta Chopra, your host, and enabler on this platform. I am a professional Hypnotherapist, Reiki practitioner, Spiritual Life Coach, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. I research, practice, and experiment a lot with different modalities to develop the simplest possible spiritual growth systems for my clients and students.

My core focus for facilitating this space is to enable you to heal your karmic complexes and wounds, awaken your higher self, identify your true life purpose, develop your own core spiritual skills, and start walking on your unique spiritual path in this life.

In this "Thriving Roots" Program, I intend to walk you through a well-designed and simplified system that you can easily and effortlessly understand & apply in your life.

Thriving roots is for you if you:

  • Want to shift limiting beliefs & patterns.
  • want to feel safe, stable & secure internally.
  • Want to develop a strong spiritual foundation for yourself.
  • Want to make soul-led high-vibrational connections.
  • Want the support of a safe space wherein you can be open and vulnerable about your spiritual journey.
  • Seek to clear yourself of certain fears & phobias that are embedded deep in the Pelvis.
  • Need guided meditations & practices to inculcate in your daily practices.
  • Seek to release negative energy stuck at the Root level.

Register for the Thriving Roots Program at INR 1199/- ($15) only.

How people are making shifts in their life post healing:

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Next Batch Dates: 21 - 25 December, 23 | 6 -7 pm

Energy Exchange: INR 1199/- ($15) only.