Medical Disclaimer

  1. Information, products, or services you may receive through ‘Siazmi Wellness’; and Shweta Chopra or any activities provided on this website do not replace the services, suggestions, and diagnosis of a medical doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. You understand this and choose to pursue this avenue at your own risk.
  2. We are not liable for any loss or damage that results from your, or anybody else’s, reliance on the information, products, or services. It is your sole responsibility to use the website at your own risk.
  3. You may not pursue legal action against ‘Siazmi Wellness’; or Shweta Chopra or any related individuals under any circumstances whatsoever, and agree that this oath is legally binding on your conscience and valid in all countries around the world.
  4. By using this platform and its services, you automatically agree to the points mentioned in this policy.
  5. By your use of this platform & its services, we automatically assume that you have done your due diligence up to your satisfaction, requirement, and legal compliance. 
  6. None of the processes or ideas suggested in the resource are meant to replace professional medical assistance or take the place of psychiatric or psychological counseling. We strongly urge you to seek the professional help of a recognized doctor or hospital first and foremost. None of our products, processes, or services would ask you to replace, stop, or modify the above in any regard.
  7. If you are battling to cope emotionally or function on a day-to-day basis, or you feel you can’t cope or those around you have suggested you cannot cope, you are strongly urged to seek professional medical assistance immediately. 
  8. In case of emergency or suicidal thoughts, stop the use of this website and refer below:

1. Livelovelaugh foundation helpline directory

2. Opencounceling helpline directory

3. National Health Portal, India: Psychological Support Helpline No- 08046110007, Emergency helpline


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