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Thriving Roots Program

Self Healing & Development Program designed to work on your Root Chakra to clear safety, and stability-related blocks in your life & attract abundance by being powerful in your roots.

NEXT BATCH DATES: 21 - 25 December,23

Energy Exchange: INR 1199/- ($15) only.

Esoteric Mentorship

In this 3- month Signature Mentorship Program, you are going to delve into the mysteries of your soul to find answers, resolution, connections, and support. This will help you on three levels: Self-realization, Karmic Resolution, and Soul Integration. This Mentorship is for reanalyzing, and reprogramming the core areas of your life that make up your whole being. 

Implanting Abundance

It's a 3-level short abundance hypnotherapy program wherein you will be creating clear, and direct anchor implants in your subconscious mind using the steps I have specifically designed for this program.

Investment: INR 999/- (15 USD)

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