Siazmi Wellness is a spiritual community of spiritual people seeking Healing & Transformation in their lives. We provide esoteric sciences + alternative tools & hypnotherapies, classes, courses, and constant emotional support for everyone joining us.

One step closer to Transformation,

What does Siazmi mean?

For those not aware of Ramayana, it's a Hindu epic tale wherein Goddess Sita was said to be born of nature. She was found in a box under the earth while plowing and ultimately returned to her womb. She is described as the daughter of Bhumi, Zameen (the earth), and the adopted daughter of King Janaka. Sita is known for her dedication, self-sacrifice, courage, and purity. Symbolically, Sita is a personification of Earth's fertility, abundance, and well-being. Taking this into account, this space serves to bring this symbolism into our everyday lives and heal the very cores that connect us to Mother Earth.


To facilitate as many souls as possible to experience healing and transformation by constant support through our resources, courses, and community.


To see a world where everyone has integrated their souls, cleared their karmas, and ascended in consciousness by the realization of true Jnana (knowledge).

Hi, I am Shweta Chopra,

Founder, Siazmi co.

I am a certified hypnotherapist, Reiki healer, Life Coach, Past life regressionist, and Shamanic journey facilitator. It is my absolute life desire, or you can say purpose, to help others in healing their deep-set traumas and inner wounds, and help them free their souls from limiting beliefs, blocks, & bullshits.  I want to see you all fully healed, empowered, and transformed. I feel really blessed in this life to be able to help in raising the consciousness of humanity and mother Earth. 

This journey of healing for me started from my own need for healing years back. I was always derived by the desire to do something which can one- give me more sense of what is this hypersensitivity that I am feeling all the time and two- connect the dots of all life events which weren’t pretty on the surface but they taught me great lessons and wisdom to pass on to others. Even though I wasn’t always well equipped with resources back then so the journey of life equipped me with its resources from real-hand experiences which led to this space where I intend to offer many knowledgeable resources, courses, and community support for everyone in the need of spiritual healing & ascension. This has allowed me to use my empathic abilities to connect more deeply with others as if we both are going on a journey of healing together.  

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